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T-GROUP Holding S.r.l. is engaged in import and distribution of oil derivatives, batteries, spare parts and test equipment. We strive to win over with our service and our professionalism, together with the high quality brands we represent to meet customers needs, which puts us above the competition. In order to preserve and improve acquired positions at the market, as well as improving the efficiency of business processes, Board of directors have adopted a Quality policy which is based on:

  • Continuous knowledge, skills and abilities improving, that is to increase the competence to perform all tasks and duties within all business processes, especially those that directly affect sales;
  • Apply quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and constant review of its effectiveness;
  • Continuous improvement of service quality, to respect contractual delivery schedules and provide technical support to our customers;
  • Continuous maintenance of price competitiveness;
  • Continuous innovation in offered products and services;
  • Process approach in which are the basis for decision making and continuous improvement regular monitoring and analysis of process performance based on the facts and the feedback from the market;
  • Establishing and maintaining partnerships with mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners, including suppliers.

In achieving these goals Board of directors expects the support from the whole T-Group Holding team.